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  • Maxigrip Ice Studs

    provide superior traction for ATVs.

    MAXIGRIP Tire Studs are easy to install, durable, and can be used season after season. Do not slip and slide around this winter!

  • Maxigrip Tire Studs

    provide superior traction for Tractors.

    MAXIGRIP Tire Studs are robust and more efficient than chains on icy terrain. Lower your fuel consumption and put an end to the bumpy ride!

  • Maxigrip Shoes Studs

    provide superior traction for Shoes and Boots.

    MAXIGRIP Studs are easy to install on running shoes and boot. Keep training during winter and walk safely on treacherous grounds.

  • Maxigrip Track Studs

    provide superior traction for Snowmobile.

    MAXIGRIP Track Studs are great for snowmobile, get an aggressive track! Try the HM18 Racing Studs for more results.

  • Maxigrip Tire Studs

    provide superior traction for Motorcycle of all type.

    Performance on any surfaces with MAXIGRIP Tire Studs for your motorcyle. Stay upright and get a grip this winter!

  • Maxigrip Snowplowing Studs

    Helps you get the job done without ruining your client's pavement

  • Maxigrip Working Boot Studs

    Get the grip you need all-year round

  • Maxigrip Forester Tire Studs

    Instant traction through mud, rocks, roots and steep hills

  • Ice Resurfacer

    Maxigrip studs are highly effective on ice resurfacer tires and all brand of ice resurfacer machines

  • Maxigrip OTR Tire Studs

    A great solution for traction on OTR Tires