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snowmobile-track-studs.jpgOperating snowmobiles on icy surfaces can pose significant problems. Snowmobiles can lose traction completely, slide when a stop is necessary or the track can become misaligned. A solution to these issues is the installation of snowmobile track studs. The studs are individual components which are screwed or installed into the track with specialized tools. They protrude from the surface of the track and assist the rubber of the track to hold on to the ice allowing the operator increased control over movement.

Maxigrip studs are a recent revolution in the snowmobile stud market. These studs offer significant advantages over the competition to include easy installation and increased longevity. Let's evaluate some specifics of the Maxigrip studs.


The Maxigrip stud is manufactured using the exterior body of a galvanized screw. The head is shaped hexagonally which creates a textured diameter. The increased texture improves the grip of the product and assists in the installation and removal processes. The head is altered using a carbide tip which is inserted through the core of the head. This tip protrudes slightly providing two levels of metal for improved contact with the driving surface.

The studs are available in sizes ranging between 11 and 35 millimeters. The size should be chosen to compliment the depth of your thread without piercing the bottom layer. Using these selection criteria will prevent the sharp stud components from coming into contact with any other parts of the snow machine.


The Maxigrip stud is constructed with coarse threading. This treading design allows the stud to be inserted and removed in a tire over and over again with minimal wear. These threads also provide a more seated installation which helps to prevent the stud from slipping or coming out of the track during storage or riding.

The carbide tip of the Maxigrip is manufactured from a combination of tungsten carbide and titanium carbide. This material is commonly used for saw blades and drill bits due to the ability to cut extremely hard materials with limited damage. These characteristics transfer over to the Maxigrip studs providing a stud head which will hold its shape ten to twenty times longer than steel.

Installation and Removal

A Maxigrip stud order is accompanied by a specialized installation tool. The tool fits snugly over the head of the Maxigrip. It is then held in a perpendicular position to the track and turned in a clockwise motion to drive the stud into the track. Removal is accomplished by applying the installation tool and turning the tool in a counter-clockwise motion. The Maxigrip studs can be left in the track permanently or removed and replaced as needed depending on driving conditions.

An unlimited amount of Maxigrip studs can be installed on a track. The pattern and number of Maxigrip studs used should be determined based on your riding style and condition. Consider the average temperature, percentage of snow to ice and the weight that is typically carried on your snow machine. The studs should be installed so there are a maximum number of studs in contact with the surface as possible in any position. More studs will be needed as the amount of ice increases or the amount of weight decreases, both of which will affect the track contact.

Choosing a Stud

If you need increased control over your snow machine during normal operation, you should seriously consider buying snow machine studs. If quality construction, ease of installation, reduced cost and increased longevity appeal to you, give Maxigrip studs a try!