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Are you looking for stability, added traction and maneuverability for your handtruck?  Look no further, the Maxigrip handtruck tire studs for are designed to give you all that and more in difficult conditions.  The handtruck tire studs are super durable and built to last many seasons.

The Maxigrip Studs are easy to install with a standard drill and the supplied installation tool in each box.  Rock this winter with the Maxigrip studs for all type of handtruck!

  • Maxigrip Carbide Ice Stud HM15
    Maxigrip Ice Studs HM15
    The Maxigrip ice stud HM-15 has a durable 3.4mm [1/8in] carbide tip/core and a hardened, galvanized screw with robust coarse threads to maintain the tire stud in place in all conditions. The Maxigrip ice stud HM-11 is 15mm...