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Winter is here but you still need to train for that marathon or just to stay fit? Maxigrip running shoes studs can be installed on your running shoes easily with a drill or screwdriver without damaging them.  Maxigrip running shoes snow studs work great on icy and snowy surfaces and you will not damage them by running on asphalt or any other hard surface due to their carbide stud.  Maxigrip running shoes ice studs are a lot smaller than screws and won't disturb your running or come out.

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  • Maxigrip Carbide Ice Tire Stud HM11
    $26.99 Maxigrip Ice Studs HM11
    The Maxigrip ice stud HM-11 has a durable 2.1mm [0.08in] carbide tip/core and a hardened, galvanized screw with robust coarse threads to maintain the tire stud in place in all conditions. The Maxigrip ice stud HM-11 is...